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  • “If you have limited time…your first stop should be to view KentuckyShow!…this film is an outstanding overview…narrated by Ashley Judd.” - Renee S. Gordon, The Philadelphia Sunday Sun
  • “…be sure to stop and catch the new high-definition KentuckyShow!, a glossy production about everything Kentucky.” - Pama Mitchell, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • “What does KentuckyShow! look and sound like? Beautiful on both counts.” - Judith Egerton, The Courier Journal
  • “Glorious presentation of The Commonwealth.” - Kentucky Education Television (KET)
  • “You must go see it. It’s absolutely wonderful!” - Lori Holland, Jefferson County Public Schools
  • "How do you communicate Kentucky's rich history, vibrant culture, ethnic diversity and livability in a way that people can easily understand? Enter KentuckyShow!" - Susan Gosselin, The Lane Report
  • "With the show's combination of fantastic photography, compelling music, sheer size and fast pacing, the title's exclamation point is there for a reason." - Deborah Kohl Kremer, Kentucky Monthly
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We took 22 visitors from Canada and other parts of the United States to see the KentuckyShow! as part of their orientation to a week-long exploration of Kentucky. This show is so good it merits viewing a number of times. You see something new and impressive each time. Great for all ages.
- Louisville Friends

"KentuckyShow! is an inspiring testament to the people, animals and places of this beautiful state."
- New York visitor